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Endorsements: Jazz Piano Methods and Songbook for Professional Playing 

   by Kent Hewitt


Book Endorsement #1

Kent Hewitt’s Jazz Piano Methods and Songbook Volumes I and II (c2008)are a compendium of essential building blocks that the student of jazz must understand and master along the way toward playing at a professional level.   

The volumes are constructed to move from the most basic elements of theory and technique to the more complex.  Volume I starts with scales and intervals and ends with instruction and examples of how to voice chords.  Volume II considers color tones and upper extensions, bass lines and melodic phrasing, rootless voicings, improvisation, reharmonization, tritone substitution, and bebop.  Volume II concludes with examples of solos which incorporate most, if not all, of the building blocks covered. 

The volumes include a fine mix of textual comments and explanations along with a multitude of musical examples, both short (a few measures) and longer (an entire arrangement of a well-known standard).  Peppered throughout both volumes are pages devoted to the great jazz composers and performers, with photos and details of their styles and accomplishments. 

Although the volumes can be used by students of all levels of keyboard ability, they are probably best utilized by people with at least an elementary ability to read and play piano music. 

I have studied with Kent Hewitt since 2004, both privately and through the SummerKeys jazz program in Lubec, Maine.  He is a master teacher who knows how to approach the needs of each individual.  His book is aimed to do that as well.

Dorothy Bognar, piano student


 Book Endorsement #2

 I just can hardly imagine the amount of work and labor and care and craftsmanship and knowledge that went into them (Vol. I and II) in addition to the beautiful clean presentational notation that went into them. It’s just an amazing achievement I think.  I’m full of admiration for the many kinds of knowledge and skill both in the music of course but also in making such a nice clear lucid presentation of it. It’s a very attractive package …I would think any student would not only find it very helpful, but very inviting. It looks nice, it feels nice.

William Zinsser – writer, musician, author of On Writing Well and Easy to Remember, American Composers and Their Songs


 Book Endorsement #3 

 Kent Hewitt's Jazz Piano - Methods and Songbook is wonderfully unique among books of its kind.  Kent is able to combine music theory and practical applications and present them in a clear and consistently understandable way throughout the entire book.  The songs at the end of the book are as accessible to the student as the songs at the beginning.  With practice using Kent's methods, you may even discover, to your delight, that you sound like him.

Peggy Satti, piano student



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