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October 20, 2011|By OWEN McNALLY,

"Hewitt, a highly regarded pianist/composer/bandleader is well-known throughout Southern New England. Perhaps because he is also a professional vocalist, Hewitt is an especially empathetic accompanist for singers, a gift that not all strong piano soloists like himself have."


  Holcomb Noble (2/16/05) Former New York Times Editor

“There is a kind of lyrical reflection of mist and sunlight on the shore. There’s joy and sadness, a liveliness and peace. Kent Hewitt’s music seems to capture the very soul of a lovely New England village by the sea that has provided its livelihood and at times taken its lives. The melody lines and the harmonies reach down and capture your soul as well. At various moments you don’t know whether to laugh or cry or get up and dance – or all three.”


July 20, 2000|By OWEN McNALLY; Hartford Courant Staff Writer

Hewitt Trio Performing Tribute To Ahmad Jamal


Kent Hewitt, a pianist known for his musical intelligence and good taste, has a knack for finding new ways to set his music in varied, challenging contexts.

Hewitt's new context for expression is his imaginative homage to the great jazz pianist Ahmad Jamal. Specifically, Hewitt is performing classic Jamal material from the late 1950s, including tunes from the breakthrough live recordings in 1958 at the Pershing Room in Chicago and the Spotlight Club in Washington, D.C.

Hewitt's Jamal repertoire includes a virtually note-for-note transcription of the enormous Jamal hit ``Poinciana.''

A musician who's much at home with the verbal and quite happy to blend his music with the power of the written word, Hewitt has collaborated with writer Melanie Greenhouse and poet Marilyn Nelson. Some years ago he produced and performed in an innovative, first-rate series that brought many rising young singers from New York City and Boston to Hartford nightspots. Known for his versatility, he has been musical director for numerous Connecticut jazz clubs. And he has performed in varied musical settings, ranging from studio work for TV jingles to recording sessions with an array of artists ranging from the cutting-edge saxophonist Thomas Chapin to the great Brazilian trumpeter Claudio Roditi.




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